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Al Merkel Valley city council


New Leadership Developing our community
Albert Merkel

My name is Albert Merkel, “Al” to my friends, and. I am a Valley native having attended and graduated from University High School as a proud Fightin’ Titan, and being a congregation member of Redeemer Lutheran Church. After high school, I attended Whitworth University here in the Spokane area graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

I have always had a drive to serve others and serve my country, and after college I took a position working under contract for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Baghdad Iraq. I spent the majority of the next decade in many countries throughout the world including Pakistan, Cambodia, South Africa, Honduras, and many others studying the problems regarding urban and rural economic and social development and implementing solutions to those problems for the service of others as a gift from the American people. My experience in development projects includes large and small agriculture development, small business planning and development, legal ordinance for business fostering environment development, community health improvement and HIV/AIDS prevention development, and many others. Upon returning to Spokane Valley I spent time working for the department of Veteran's Affairs as well as working with Coordinated Care Washington on Medicaid insurance and mental health provision. I am currently a business owner here in the Spokane area. 

I want to use my years of experience fighting poverty, growing business, and improving governance to serve our city of Spokane Valley. Spokane Valley is a fantastic city with a great citizenry. Of all of the places I have visited in the world, nothing can top the natural beauty of our valley and the wonderful welcoming attitude of our friends and neighbors. I would like to work together to help business grow, create jobs, create a cultural and business center to our city, solve education, and reduce crime. 

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