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As we've journeyed together through the challenges and triumphs of Spokane Valley, your unwavering support has been my driving force. Today, I'm asking you to channel that same passion and commitment into helping me bring our shared values and determined spirit to the Senate. Our community deserves a voice that not only speaks but acts with conviction. Someone who will stand firm against bureaucracy, support sensible governance, and fiercely advocate for the prosperity and safety of our homes and businesses. This campaign is about more than one person; it's about all of us. It's about ensuring Spokane Valley is represented by someone who understands the issues on the ground, who listens to your concerns, and who will fight tirelessly to uphold our values. Together, we can protect what makes our community great and ensure a bright future for every resident of the 4th District. Your donation today is not just a contribution; it's an investment in your community, in your values, and in a Senate that works for you. Let's stand united for Spokane Valley and make our voices heard loud and clear in Olympia. Join me, donate to our campaign, and together, let's lead the change we wish to see.

I have a vision of the future where the costs for expansion are born by those demanding expansion rather than those who live here now and who have worked hard to have what they have. That our schools, roads, and infrastructure incrementally take care of themselves through parsing those costs to those creating expansion (developers), rather than tax increases to the residents that live here. That we continue to live in a city that is neighborhood-based and family-friendly, including appropriate greenspaces and parks. That our crime rate falls through proper management of our contractual mechanisms. That our city government is open and transparent with our residents, and responsive to criticism and challenges. Finally, that our streets, parks, places of business, and public spaces are clean and drug-free, and those in need of support are supported using the most cost-efficient and effective approaches. 
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